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Featured in Walmart’s Sustainability website

A lighting retrofit, air conditioning controls and plug load management reduced energy consumption by 65% and CO2 by 876 tons. Background and introduction

Walmart’s Supplier Energy Efficiency Project Program (SEEP) offers evaluations, recommendations and implementation services in the following areas of building energy efficiency:

• Lighting retrofits and controls/sensors—fluorescent and LED
• Automated building control systems
• Building envelope improvements—windows, doors and insulation
• HVAC system improvements
• Water heating
• Occupant behavior
• Renewable energy opportunities

Walmart’s own experience in improving their energy efficiency has informed the SEEP program, showing that improving the energy efficiency of buildings will be the single most effective way to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This is exactly what Walmart and Intradeco Apparel have worked together to do. Solution

Intradeco Apparel is a broad-based vertical manufacturing business that supplies quality casual clothing and thermal underwear to Walmart. An early participant in Walmart’s Supplier Energy Efficiency Program (SEEP), we have twice been recognized by Walmart for our sustainability initiatives, including improving the energy efficiency of our buildings.

As a result of our involvement in SEEP, a lighting retrofit was carried out at Introdeco’s Miami facilities, as well as the installation of HVAC controls and plug load management.  The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that plug load represents 26% of energy use in commercial buildings. The projected reduction in energy use from changing the lighting was more than 65% with a payback on the investment of 4.2 years. The payback from the investment in plug load management was 2.7 years. The best news was that the projected annual reduction in CO2 emissions exceeded 876 tons!

Walmart also assisted Intradeco with the evaluation of an on-site solar electricity generation project, including accumulation of all capital costs, estimation of savings, and availability of state and federal incentive payments and tax credits to help finance the project.

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