Intradeco Awarded Wal-Mart’s Supplier of the Year 2012

Intradeco Awarded Wal-Mart’s Supplier of the Year 2012

Tatebayashi Broad-based vertical manufacturing company Intradeco Apparel, Inc. received the Walmart supplier of the year award for overall best supplier performance and partnership in 2012. supplier of the year award

This is the highest honor given to a supplier by Walmart, one of the best retailers in the world. It is recognition of Intradeco efforts in execution, social compliance, merchandising, quality, environmental responsibility, and sustainable business model to bring the best value to the consumer.

“When you consider all of the great companies that supply Wal-Mart with all kinds of wonderful products, it is indeed an incredible honor to receive this award.”

says executive vice president for Intradeco, Terry Trofholz.

supplier of the year presentation

“Walmart is one of our most valued customers and on behalf of the entire Intradeco Team of over 6,500 employees all over the world we are very proud to be recognized for bringing our comprehensive supply chain solutions to help them better serve their customers.”

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