Intradeco Converts Dyehouse Effluent to Plant Fertilizer

can you buy Clomiphene in usa Intradeco’s most recent success has come from its subsidiary Inmobilaria Apopa, in Apopa, El Salvador, also known as Inmo.  Inmo has developed a process which produces nitrogen-rich plant fertilizer from its water treatment facility.

South Elgin The recycling process was developed at Inmo’s water treatment facility where the water which has been used in the fabric dying process is put through several tanks with bacteria cultures which restores the water. Once the water is clean, it is recycled back into Inmo’s dye houses and the process revives the natural consistency and color of the water and also makes it safe for other uses.

buy generic neurontin The mud like by-product which comes out of the process was tested and is said to show many of the same traits as expensive flower fertilizer. To avoid wasting the organic residue of the cleaning process, as well as other cotton waste from the dye house, the by-product is collected and mixed with organic cotton waste such as seed waste and lint. Intradeco says the mixture is later sent to be tested on different farms where the results show that it is more effective than the current fertilizers being used.



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