Intradeco Apparel Becomes the First “Ethical Standards Approved Supplier Development Graduate” in Latin America Once again Intradeco Apparel has raised the bar on social compliance, and become the first Wal-Mart supplier in Latin America to complete all three phases of the Responsible Sourcing Supplier Development Program. The steps taken to improve their social and environmental management systems have led the vertical manufacturer to become a “Supplier Development Graduate.”

Qiryat Moẕqin “Intradeco Apparel is dedicated to continue making positive changes to its supply chain practices” said Jorge Barake, Global Compliance Manager. These new practices will ensure we have the highest country and industry standards when it comes to safety, ethics, and respect for the environment.

The classification of Intradeco Apparel as a “Graduate” will allow the company to submit self- appraisal assessments. This process is only available to manufacturers with the highest level of proven commitment to Wal-Mart’s mission of “procuring safe, quality products for our customers with respect for the environment, individuals and communities where products are manufactured and sourced.”