Geoffrey Beene Announces Licensing Agreement with Intradeco Apparel for Men’s Sleepwear, Underwear and Base Layer Geoffrey Beene, LLC has signed a multi-year license agreement with Intradeco, Inc. for men’s sleepwear, underwear and base layer under the Geoffrey Beene label. The new licensee will add to the brand’s ever expanding portfolio of licensees and complement the existing Geoffrey Beene product categories. The Territory includes the USA, Canada and Mexico. Initial deliveries are slated for spring 2014.

Tom Hutton, President and CEO of Geoffrey Beene LLC, and President of the Geoffrey Beene Foundation, said “We are pleased that Intradeco Apparel Inc. through its Knothe Division has joined our growing licensing program. With Knothe’s strong retail relationship with better department stores, marketing and sales team, and expertise in product development, we believe Geoffrey Beene sleepwear and underwear will be well positioned for today’s economic environment as an affordable designer brand.

Intradeco’s Knothe Division will design, produce and market the Geoffrey Beene sleepwear, underwear and base layer business. Merle Sloss, Executive Vice President and President of Licensing for Geoffrey Beene, noted that Intradeco’s Knothe product and sourcing capabilities, makes them an excellent partner for Geoffrey Beene’s continued growth in its domestic market as well as Mexico and Canada.” The Spring 2014 collection will feature innovative fabrics, technical features, and updated design details that differentiate the Geoffrey Beene collection. Knothe will offer a good value from a design perspective and offer accessible price points for the Geoffrey Beene consumer.

Knothe’s Senior Vice President Steve Taglia said,

“We are excited to increase our design and sourcing abilities with a brand as prestigious as Geoffrey Beene. We feel both of our companies will work to add value to the customer through our vertical capabilities and experience in the sleepwear industry.” Geoffrey Beene, LLC and Geoffrey Beene Gives Back® (GBGB) Under its Geoffrey Beene Gives Back® philanthropic program established by Tom Hutton, President and CEO, 100% of Net Profits of Geoffrey Beene, LLC fund critical causes that to date, together with the Geoffrey Beene Foundation, totals more than $163 million in value, including over $126 million in funding to the Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Other charitable causes include Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease, Protection of Women and Children, Veterans Support, Educational Scholarships, and Animal Welfare.

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New Hope About Intradeco Apparel
Intradeco is a socially responsible vertical manufacturer of textiles and finished goods based in El Salvador and Nicaragua. Since 1982, Intradeco Apparel has been a world class apparel supplier to the US apparel market. Intradeco wholly owns fully vertical operations in Central America in conjunction with operating global sourcing. The company’s operations have grown worldwide, employing more than 6,500 people. Intradeco continues to supply quality fashion basics and thermal underwear, and has implemented major sustainable manufacturing processes. The company oversees production in Central America through its subsidiaries – Inmobiliaria Apopa, Intradesa, and Prone. They have sales, design studios, and merchandising offices in Manhattan, Bentonville, and Miami. While operating their own state of the art distribution facilities in El Salvador and Miami, and maintain a network of distribution facilities in the west coast and northeast.